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Bajaj Allianz Extra Care Health Plan

Amid growing medical inflation, having an additional cover with a top-up health plan can prove to be a lifesaver for you and your family.

In situations where the cost of treating accidents and illnesses is too much, a basic health plan might not be sufficient to cover the mounting expenses. At that time, Bajaj Allianz Top up Health Plan (extra care) will take care of the additional expenses, which, otherwise, would have to borne by you.

To avail continued insurance coverage even after you have exhausted the sum assured limit of your actual health plan, you can buy Extra Care Plus, which is a Top-up Health Plan. A top-up health plan comes in handy on once the basic plan reaches its threshold.

If you think that your existing health plan is not adequate and buying a health plan with a large sum assured will not fit in your budget, then buying Extra Care Plus plan will be a promising option. It will take care of any excess health care expenses.

In simple terms, if an insured person is hospitalized, the basic health plan will cover the hospitalization expenses up to the sum assured limit. Extra Care Plus will reimburse the claims made over and above this amount.

Note– You can also buy Extra Care Plus plan even if you do not have a health insurance policy. Before buying the plan read the reviews, features & term and conditions carefully.

Benefits, Limitations, and Features of Extra Care Plus Health Plan

Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum entry age is 91 days
  • No bar on maximum age
  • For dependents, the minimum entry is 18 years
  • For dependents, the minimum entry is 80 years
  • For dependent children, the minimum entry is 3 months
  • For dependent children, the minimum entry is 25 years
  • Lifetime policy renewal
  • For dependent children, the policy is renewable up to 35 years
  • Both Indians and Non-resident Indians can apply for the policy (provided the payment is made in Indian Rupees)
  • No pre-medical tests are required if you are below 55 years of age, provided that there are no critical health conditions
  • Pre-medical tests required if you are above 56 years of age.
  • Free-look period of 15 days
Features & Benefits
  •  It can be a family floater policy
  • Multiple options for sum insured
  • Aggregate deductible options
  • Annual health check-up facility
  • Coverage for pre-existing diseases after 1 year of policy purchase
  • Emergency road ambulance cover
  • Optional air ambulance cover
  • Free health checkup facility
  • Maternity expenses including complications of maternity
  • Tax saving benefit under sec 80/d of the IT Act on health insurance premium
  • Expenses incurred 60 days before and 90 days after hospitalization are covered
  • Room Rent and Nursing Expenses
  •  ICU Expenses
  • Fees charged by the Doctor, Surgeon, Medical Practitioner, Anesthetist, and Nurses
  • Diagnostic tests, anesthesia, surgical appliances, blood, oxygen, medicines, and OT charges
  • Cost of artificial body parts and internal implantations like a pacemaker, if required as a part of the surgery
  • Daycare treatment expenses during inpatient hospitalization
  • Maternity expenses up to 2 deliveries – Covers pregnancy, prenatal and post-natal hospitalization, childbirth and lawful termination of pregnancy. It includes maternity complications over and above the aggregate deductible limit as mentioned under the policy documents. 12 months of the waiting period is applicable.
  • Ambulance cover up to a maximum of Rs. 3000
  • Organ donor expenses are also covered
Additional Benefits ( aggregate deductible is not applicable here)
  • Free Medical Check-up after completion of 3 years of the policy period
  • If one member is covered medical expenses up to Rs. 1000 will be reimbursed
  • For more than one member medical expenses up to Rs. 2000 will be compensated
  • Medical expenses of the newborn baby
  • Organ donor pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Dental surgeries unless requires hospitalization
  • Any loss of damage due to war, rebellion, acts of foreign enemies, invasion, hostilities, civil war etc.
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Cost of contact lenses, spectacles or hearing aids
  • Congenital diseases and stem cell implantation surgery
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Treatment of venereal diseases
  • HIV/AIDS treatment
  • Vaccination or inoculation unless required for an animal bite or as part of the treatment
  • Vitamins and supplements unless required as part of in-patient hospitalization
  • Experimental treatment
  • Cost of transportation, food, and accommodation will not be claimed
  • Expenses incurred for medical treatment outside India
Sum Assured (Rs.)
  • Sum insured options of 3 lakhs up to Rs. 10 lakhs

 Tax Benefits –

  • You can avail tax benefits up to Rs 25,000 every year for the health insurance premium that you pay for yourself, your children, spouse, and parents. (No member should be above 60 years of age).
  • You can avail tax saving benefits up to Rs 30,000 every year for the health insurance premium you pay for your parents (above 60 years of age)
  • As per section 80 D, if you are a taxpayer (below 60 years) and your parent’s age is above 60 years, you can get tax exemption benefits up to Rs. 55,000
  • If you are a taxpayer aged above 60 and you pay health insurance premium for your parents, then your tax exemption limit is capped at a maximum of Rs 60,000.

What is an Aggregate deductible?

Usually, all the health insurance companies in India have a clause of the deductible. The deductible amount does not reduce the amount of sum insured. It is applicable to the expenses incurred during hospitalization. Though certain voluntary deductibles do help in reducing the premium, opting for most of them is not recommended.

Aggregate deductibles are applicable for an entire year in which the insurance company compensates for all the expenses up to a specified limit. On exhaustion of the aforesaid limit, you will pay have to the remaining from your own pocket.

Easy Claim by Using the App

Download their Insurance Wallet App to avail Health CDC (Claim by Direct Click) feature. Using it, you can easily request for claims up to Rs. 20,000. It is a time-saving and convenient option to make small claim requests. All you need is to upload all the necessary documents on their app.