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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is a part of health insurance that you must consider. Along with a comprehensive health insurance plan, you can also consider add-on covers to get additional benefits pertaining to your smaller yet significant health problems. Dental care has become a specialized segment in the healthcare industry due to the increasing cost of dental treatments in India.

Maintaining teeth is important to lead a healthy life. And equal attention should be paid to the dental health as your other health needs. To meet the exorbitant dental care expenses it will be a wise decision to get a dental insurance cover.

It will recompense the major expenses incurred on dental treatments. You can choose to cover partial dental expenses or the cost of entire dental procedures.

Dental insurance would involve diagnostic and preventive procedures. A few of the procedures that are covered under dental insurance include filling, tooth extractions, root canal, dentures etc.

Here’s a list of Few Health Insurance Companies in India that Provide Dental Cover

  1. Bharti AXA Smart Health Plan- The plan covers out-patient dental emergency treatment in accidental cases only. The plan has three variants- Value, Classic and Uber. And dental cover up to 7500 rupees is provided in the Uber variant only.
  2. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard Policy- It is an individual health plan and it covers in-patient hospitalization expenses arising out of an accident or illness. This policy offers Includes coverage for out-patient dental treatment expenses required after an accident.
  3. Apollo Munich Maxima Health- It is an individual plan and is designed to take care of the outpatient dental treatment cost. If one or two members are covered, the dental coverage is provided up to Rs.5 000. And if coverage is provided to two adults and up to two children, then the dental cover limit is up to Rs.7000.
  4. ICIC Prudential Health Saver- It is an individual plan that covers in-patient hospitalization expenses, cost of diagnostic procedures, and dental treatments, surgeries, and consultations under this plan. 

Dental Insurance Benefits in India

Ignoring dental care treatment in the initial phase can exhaust your budget in the future. You just need to put a small amount of money in dental insurance to get proper guidance, consultations, and guidance from the best doctors in India.

If you buy a dental insurance policy, you will be motivated to visit your dentist more often as you have your policy covering your expenses. This will ensure the good dental health and financial cover at the same time.

Usually, all the insurance companies offer the above- mentioned benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major benefits of dental insurance in India –

  • You can enjoy dental consultations for the free of cost
  • You get unlimited digital X-Ray and OPG cover
  • Teeth scaling is available at discounted rates or free of cost
  • It covers the teeth whitening procedure as well
  • It also covers teeth implantation and teeth bracing procedure
  • Dental insurance also covers teeth capping for deep and large cavities
  • Dental Insurance provides a discount on the routine dental checkup procedures
  • It also compensates expenses incurred on amalgam and composite teeth filling
  • It covers expenses incurred on the treatment of the infected tooth nerves
  • Cost of tooth removal procedures are also covered
  • If any existing bridge and denture needs some repairing, it is also covered by a dental insurance policy
  • Management of lesions and mild infections is also included in a dental insurance policy
  • There are some plans that cover minor surgical procedures like minor oral infections, biopsy of teeth tissue

Coverages in a dental insurance policy vary from one insurer to another and it is suggested that you check the policy terms and conditions before buying it. There are certain dental plans that do not cover lingual braces, invisible bracing or a transplant.