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Government Holds Health Insurance Rates Ignoring Protests from Private Hospitals

Under its massive new scheme, the government has fixed the insurance reimbursements rate for 1,354 medical procedures and cleared that it’s not in a mood to revise it any further.

Despite receiving innumerable protests from private hospitals (stating that the new reimbursements revised by the government are too low for them) the government is unlikely to change the new rates.

According to the statement by the health secretary, Preeti Sudan, “The package rates are now frozen.”

The deputy CEO of the scheme, Dinesh Arora, stated that the costing exercise for health plan rates has been already completed. As far as the government is concerned, it thinks that the new package rates are pretty balanced. The government will only focus on correcting the errors, but is not in a mood to make any revision. If any revision is made, it will be based on fact and logic; however, there aren’t any revisions planned anymore.

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