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Health Insurance May Shortly Start Covering Mental Illness, Dental Treatment


  • The Insurance and Regulatory Authority of India (IRDAI) has removed approximately 10 items from the ‘optional cover’ list of the health insurance policies.
  • This list of items includes mental alignments, dental procedures, infertility treatments, HIV and AIDS treatments, etc.

New Delhi: IRDAI on Monday has asked health insurance providers to slightly modify the inclusions of their health insurance plans by removing 10 items from the list of their ‘optional cover’ which includes psychiatric treatment, dental procedures, hormonal therapies, infertility treatments, etc.  This decision is taken to make the health insurance policies more inclusive.

Some treatments like dental fixes do not require hospitalization but are widely availed. Moreover, therapies like hormonal replacement, infertility treatments, assisted conception, psychiatric treatment, treatment for obesity; refractive error surgery, etc. are also very common these days.

To make these treatments and therapies more approachable by the patients, IRDAI has taken this decision of including them in the health insurance policies. Though they were there in the ‘option cover’ section of the plans of some insurance providers, now they will be on their list of inclusions.

The IRDAI will provide a clearer picture for the same soon and may issue some order to make bidding on the companies for including these treatments in their health insurance plans – according to the Times of India report. Consecutively, the health insurance experts find this decision a wise step to correct the anomaly.



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