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Liberty Health Insurance

Liberty General Insurance has around 58 branches across the country. The company offers varied insurance products to its customers. Liberty health insurance plans come with a wide range of benefits and coverage. The medical insurance solutions provide hassle-free cashless hospitalization across an extensive network of hospitals in India.

Liberty Health Insurance at a Glance:

Key Features Highlights
Incurred Claim Ratio 79.14%
Network Hospitals 3000+
Free look period 15 days
Restoration of sum assured Available

Key Features of Liberty Health Insurance

Have a quick glance at the salient features of Liberty mediclaim policies-

  1. Free-health check-up facility after continuing the policy for 2 consecutive years, irrespective of the claims made.
  2. 15 days of free look period during which you can opt to cancel your policy within 15 days from the date it has been issued.
  3. Loyalty Perks- For every claim free year the sum insured increases automatically by 10 percent up to a maximum of 100 percent for the basic sum insured.
  4. Tax exemption against the premium paid annually towards health insurance.

Liberty Health Insurance Plans Comparison Table

Plan Name Entry Age Criteria Sum Assured (Rs.) Policy Term Coverage Type Pre-medical Tests
Liberty Health Connect Policy Adults: 18 to 65 years

Children: 91 days to 25 years

Health-E-Connect: 3 to 7.5 Lacs

Health Connect basic: 2 to 10 Lacs

Health Elite: 3 to 15 Lacs

Health- Supreme: 2 to 15 Lacs

1 to 2 years Individual/Family Floater After 55 years
Liberty Health Connect Supra Top up plan: up to 20 lakhs

Super top-up plan: up to 1 crore

2 to 3 years Individual/Family Floater After 65 years
Individual Personal Accident Plan Adults: 18 to 70 years

Children: 5 to 25 years

Up to 1 crore 1,2 & 3 years Individual/Family Floater
Janta Personal Accident Insurance Up to 75 years


Check the policy wordings 1-year Individual/Family Floater
Secure Health Connect


Adults: 18 to 65 years

Children: 91 days to 25 years

Basic: 2 to 5 Lacs

Elite: 2 to 10 Lacs

Supreme: 3 to Rs.10 Lacs

Complete: 2 to Rs. 15 Lacs

1,2 & 3 years Individual/Family Floater

Types of Liberty Health Insurance Plans

  1. Liberty Health Connect Policy- It is a comprehensive plan that covers hospitalization expenses, day care procedures, domiciliary treatments, and organ donor expenses. No room rent capping, no sub limits and pre-medical screening are not required up to 55 years of age.
  2. Liberty Health Connect Supra- The plan offers wider coverage on your existing mediclaim policy. It offers worldwide cover and provides Ayush treatment cover as well.
  3. Individual Personal Accident Plan- This plan offers child education benefit, and covers the cost funeral ceremony and transportation of the mortal remains.
  4. Janta Personal Accident Insurance- This health insurance product caters to the rural population, providing cover for accidental death, along with many other accidental benefits.
  5. Secure Health Connect- It covers 405 daycare procedures and hospitalization expenses. And you can pay the premium in installments.

Liberty Health Insurance Claim Procedure

There are two ways of filing a claim for Liberty health insurance plans and the procedure for both is elucidated below-

Procedure to avail Cashless Treatment

  • Fill the cashless claim request form and duly signed the pre-authorization form and submit the same at the TPA helpdesk of the network hospital.
  • The TPA will verify the identity proof and will send the form to the insurer. If the insurance company approves the request, the same will be communicated to you and the hospital.
  • The medical expenses incurred during the hospitalization will be settled directly by the insurer with the hospital authority.

Procedure to Claim a Reimbursement

  • The insurer should be intimated within 24 hours in case of an emergency hospitalization and 48 hours prior if it is a planned hospitalization.
  • You need to fill and sign the Liberty health insurance claim form and send it along with the relevant documents including all the hospital bills within 15 days from the date of discharge.
  • If you want to claim for the pre and post-hospitalization expenses, then all the supporting documents have to be submitted within 7 days from the day of discharge.
  • The TPA will verify all the documents.
  • The reimbursement process will be initiated once the insurer approves the requested claim amount.
  • The insurer may apply terms and conditions at the time of reimbursing the claim amount.
  • One can check liberty medical insurance claim on the insurer’s website of the insurer by using your claim reference number.

Liberty Health Insurance Renewal

When it comes to renewing a Liberty health insurance policy, the process is quite flexible and hassle-free. People who do not have any pre-existing conditions can renew the policy online from the insurer’s site. You just need to follow the given instructions, then calculate the premium and make the payment of the premium online.

Otherwise, a policy can be renewed by visiting their branch office or by contacting an agent. You can make the payment right away on completion of the formalities.

Inclusions of Liberty Health Insurance Plans

Liberty medical insurance plans usually compensate the following expenses-

  • In-patient treatment costs such as room rent and nursing expenses are covered
  • ICU Expenses
  • Covers costs for day-care treatment and domiciliary treatment
  • Pre-Hospitalization and post hospitalization for 60 and 90 days respectively
  • Hospital cash allowance
  • Emergency ambulance cost cover
  • Organ donor expenses

Exclusions of Liberty Health Insurance Plans

Expenses on the following treatments are not covered by Liberty medical insurance –

  • Any condition caused by or associated with any sexually transmitted disease.
  • Any treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy or related conditions, like fertility, conception, sterilizations, etc.
  • Dental treatments or surgery, unless requiring hospitalization.
  • Treatment took from anyone who is not a Medical Practitioner.
  • Dental surgeries unless requires hospitalization
  • Cost of contact lenses, spectacles or hearing aids
  • Hospitalization required due to war conditions, nuclear radiations and the likewise
  • Mental disorders and treatment for anxiety or depression
  • Hospitalization for genetic disorders
  • Treatment-related to life-threatening diseases like HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infection/disease
  • Self-inflicted injuries and treatment required due to mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and psychological disorders

Benefits of Liberty Health Insurance Plans

The numerous advantages of buying Liberty medical insurance plans are listed below-

  1. Network Hospitals: With 4000+ registered hospitals; the company has a widespread hospital network across the country where you can avail cashless services.
  2. A Range of Health Insurance Plans: There are five types of health insurance plan with different variants. You can choose a plan as per your requirements.
  3. Hospitalization Expenses: Pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered for a specific time period. The plans also cover the domiciliary treatment expenses.
  4. Co-payment: Most of the Liberty mediclaim policies have no co-payment clause up to a specified age.
  5. Free-look up: There is a free-look period of 15 days within which you can choose to terminate the policy.
  6. Pre-existing Diseases: Pre-existing illnesses are also covered after a waiting period of 48 months.
  7. Organ Donor Expenses: The expenses incurred towards the treatment of an organ donor are reimbursed by the insurer.
  8. Second Opinion: The second opinion is also covered ensuring a quality healthcare.

How is Liberty Health Insurance Premium Calculated?

Liberty health insurance premium is calculated based on the below-mentioned parameters-

  1. Sum assured
  2. Medical history
  3. Occupation
  4. Geographical location
  5. Coverage Type
  6. Plan opted for
  7. Policy duration
  8. Deductibles
  9. No-claim-discount

You can calculate the premium with Liberty health insurance premium calculator by the providing the below information-

  1. Coverages opted
  2. of members to be included in the plan
  3. Date of birth
  4. Sum insured
  5. Policy term

Why Buy Liberty Health Insurance Policy?

Here’s why you should consider buying a Liberty mediclaim policy-

  • You can choose from 5 types of health insurance plans that offer comprehensive coverage.
  • The plans come with flexible sum insured option where you can decide a sum insured as per your insurance needs
  • Possible to enroll your entire family under one single policy
  • High incurred claim ratio, approximately 99%.
  • The insured can also avail cumulative bonus and discount for choose health insurance plans
  • Most of the Liberty medical insurance plans come with lifelong renewability option
  • Moreover, Liberty health insurance reviews reflect positively about the company claim settlement capabilities.

Documents Required for Liberty Health Insurance Claims

Here is a detailed list of the documents that you need to submit-

For claims regarding In-patient Hospitalization /Daycare Procedures/Daily Cash Allowance-

  • Duly filled and signed claim form
  • Photocopy of the current policy and the ID card
  • Original discharge summary or daycare summary in detail from the hospital
  • Duly signed consolidated hospital bills with a detailed break-up and bill number ( original bills only )
  • Original payment receipts with the receipt number
  • Medical prescriptions along with the first consultation letter
  • Original receipts, bills, and investigation reports with a note from the attending doctor asking for such tests.
  • Surgeons bills, receipts, and certificate stating the nature of the surgery performed
  • Bills and receipts of the fees charged by the attending doctors/ specialists, consultants, and anesthetist
  • Original bills and invoices for implants such as stents or a pacemaker with original payment receipts
  • PAN number
  • Registration Number of the hospital and the doctors

For claims regarding pre and post-hospitalization expenses

  • Claim form to be filled and signed by you
  • ID card and the insurance copy ( photocopy)
  • Medicine bills and payment receipts, and doctor’s prescription ( in original)
  • Investigations reports with bills and payment receipts ( original copies)
  • Consultation bills with prescription
  • Discharge Summary

In case of Accidental Claims – Apart from the above-mentioned documents, a copy of Police FIR or First Information Report/Medico-Legal Certificate is required.

In case of Non-Medico legal cases- All the details regarding the injuries are required from the treating doctor.  

In case of Accidental Death Claims– A copy of death certificate and post-mortem report is required.

In addition to the in-hospitalization documents following documents are also required

  • Death certificate copy from the hospital or the treating doctor
  • Death summary in original from the hospital
  • Legal heir certificate ( as the case may be) 

To Claim Reimbursement of Organ Donor Expenses- In addition to the general hospitalization documents, you need to submit-

  • Organ functioning test reports
  • Blood test as a proof of organ failure
  • Treatment certificate from the surgeon

 Ambulance Benefit-

  • Claim form i.e. duly filled and signed
  • Photocopy of the insurance policy and ID card
  • Original medical bills
  • Original copies of the all the payment receipts
  • Consultation letters and prescription from the treating doctor recommending the emergency hospitalization

Nursing Allowance- Apart from hospitalization documents you have to submit –

  • Duly signed prescription from the treating medical practitioner suggesting the need for Private Nursing
  • Original medical bills
  • Payment receipts ( original) of the nursing charges from the private nurse

Additional information/ documents may be required as per the claim

Liberty Health Insurance FAQS

Q1. Is cashless hospitalization available across all the hospitals?

You can only avail cashless facilities at the hospitals that are registered with the insurer. You can check the list of network hospitals on their site.

Q2.What preliminary information required for claim intimation?

You need to share the following information while filing a claim-

  • Name of the policyholder
  • Liberty medical insurance policy number
  • Details of the hospital
  • Date of admission
  • Diagnosis and Treatment details
  • Approximate claim amount

Q3. Why should I buy a Liberty Individual Personal Accident Plan?

This plan will safeguard you and your family against accidental death, partial and permanent disabilities resulting from an accident. However, you can opt for value-added covers such as- the cost of transportation of mortal remains, funeral ceremony related expenses, child education cover in case of the death of an insured parent. There are optional covers that are available such as Accidental hospital daily cash, loan protector cover, legal bail expenses cover, accidental hospitalization cover and ambulance cover.

Q4. Is there any benefit of carrying a Liberty health card?

Usually, a health card is provided by the insurance company to let you enjoy the benefits of Cashless hospitalization. Moreover, it also works as your identity card to a third person, in case of an unfortunate event/accident.

Q5. What is a free-look period in Liberty medical insurance policies?

The insurance company offers you a free-look period of 15 days. During this period you can request for cancellation if you are not convinced with the plan.

Q6. Where can I contact Liberty Health Insurance?

You can get in touch with them on their tol-free helpline no. 1800-266-5844. You can also write an email to them at

If required you can visit their branch office (check the list of the branches offices from their site)

Q7. Am I entitled to get a refund if I cancel my policy?

If you wish to cancel the policy in between, then the premium for the period at risk will be held according to the short period rates and the remaining amount will be refunded. If a claim was made settled during the policy term, then you are not entitled to get a refund. For a detailed understanding, please refer to the policy wordings.

Q8. What is a grace period in Liberty medical insurance plans?

In case you miss the due date of the policy renewal, you can renew it during the grace period. Liberty health insurance offers a grace period of 30 to help you enjoy the policy benefits without any interruption. Make sure that the lapsed policy is renewed within the stipulated time frame or the grace period.