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Religare Health Insurance

In 2012, Religare Health Insurance Company is promoted by Religare Enterprise Private Ltd. along with two shareholders namely – Corporation Bank and Union Bank of India. Religare is supported by the founders of Fortis Healthcare. Approved by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India in 2012. Religare health insurance is one of the leading private sector insurance companies to fund policies in the health insurance sector.

Religare Health Insurance Company at a Glance

Key Features Highlights
Incurred Claim Ratio 50.52%
Network Hospitals 4700+
Renewability Lifelong
Waiting Period 4 years

Features of Religare Health Insurance

  • Individual and Family Floater Plans– Option to cover up to a maximum of 6 family members, including 2 children and 4 adults.
  • Covers Pre & Post hospitalization Expenses– Medical expenses charged by the hospital during the initial 30 days of hospitalization and after 60 days of hospitalization are recompensed
  • Lifetime Renewability– It is one of the most important factors. The longer the duration of insurance cover, the better it is. Religare mediclaim policy offers lifelong coverage and renewability.
  • Covers Pre-existing Health Conditions– It covers your pre-existing ailments after a waiting period of 4 years.

Religare Health Insurance Plans Comparison Table

Plan Name Entry Age Criteria Pre-existing diseases Pre-medical Test Sum Assured (Rs.)
Religare Care Health Insurance Plan Min -91 days with no maximum age limit 2 years After 50 years 3 lakhs- 6 crores
Religare Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan 46 years and above 2 years Not required 3 lakhs-10 lakhs
Religare Enhance Health Insurance Plan No age bar 2 years After 50 years 1-30 lakhs
Religare  Joy Maternity & Newborn Cover Health Insurance Plan Adult: 18 years onwards

Children: Day 1 onwards

2 years After 46 years 3 lakhs-5 lakhs

Types of Religare Health Insurance Plans-

Religare Health Insurance offers a wide range of coverage through various plans. Let’s have a look:

  1. Religare Care – This plan covers basic hospitalization expenses with add-on benefits like automatic reinstatement of sum assured, organ donor expenses, annual health-checkup facility etc.
  2. Religare Care Freedom – It is a senior citizen health insurance plan in which you do not require pre-medical check-ups.
  3. Religare Enhance – It is a top-up health insurance plan with the sum assured up to Rs. 30 lakhs.
  4. Religare Joy – Those who are planning their family can buy this plan. It provides maternity and new-born cover after a waiting period of 9 months.
  5. Religare Assure- It is an individual plan that provides personal accident and critical illness cover.
  6. Religare Group Care – It is a group insurance policy that offers financial protection to your employees or customers in case of a medical emergency.

How to Lodge a Claim for Religare Health Insurance Policy?

The claim procedure is usually the same with most of the health insurance companies, but sometimes it may vary. Aforementioned is the claim process for Religare mediclaim policy –

  1. Immediately intimate your insurer by sending a claim request– You need to inform within 24 hours in case if emergency hospitalization and for planned hospitalization, you need to intimate within 48 hours. Helpline number: 1800-200-6677
  2. For cashless request for pre-authorization, follow the below-mentioned process:
  • Email or fax the pre-authorization form, which you can find at the TPA or insurance desk of the hospital. You can download it from the insurer’s site as well.
  • The claim management team will send you the letter of approval if the claim request is approved
  • If there is any query regarding your claim, then the insurance company will contact the hospital for the same
  • If it’s not approved, you will need to request for reimbursement claim
  1. Reimbursement claim process is as follows:
  • Submit the claim form along with other required documents as mentioned at the time of policy purchase
  • You need to address the queries raised by the claim management team of the insurance company
  • Either you will receive a letter of approval or rejection after submitting the form

Religare Health Insurance Renewal Process?

To ensure continuous medical insurance cover for yourself and your loved ones, it is imperative to timely renew your health insurance policy. You can conveniently renew a Religare mediclaim policy online. Before renewal, it is suggested that you compare different health insurance plans and go through Religare health insurance reviews online and then make an informed decision.

To initiate the renewal process, just click on the Renew button, and enter your date of birth, policy number. Once you are sure, you can pay premium online using your credit card, debit card or net banking.

 Inclusions of Religare Health Insurance Plan

The coverage varies with the plan that you have opted for. However elucidated below is an overview of what all is covered in Religare medical insurance plans-

Individual and floater cover

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization Cover
  • In-patient care
  • Domiciliary hospitalization
  • Ambulance cover
  • Organ donor expenses are covered
  • Daily allowance benefit
  • Annual medical check-up
  • Second-opinion ( as per the plan)
  • Alternative treatments ( as per the plan

Exclusions of Religare Health Insurance  Plan

  • Pre-existing diseases are covered after 2 years.
  • Any disease or illness that is contracted in the initial 30 days of the policy purchase date, only accidental cases are covered
  • HIV/AIDS treatment is not considered
  • Treatment and illnesses due to the overdose of alcohol and drugs are not covered
  • Self-inflicted injuries, suicidal attempts, and symptoms of depression and mental disorders are not eligible for an insurance claim
  • Any type of congenital and inherited diseases are not covered
  • Pregnancy complication, miscarriage, and abortions are out of scope
  • Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgeries unless required for accidental injuries
  • Any expenses incurred of birth control measures, Infertility, and IVF treatment
  • Any sort of genetic disorder will not be covered

Benefits of Religare Health Insurance Policy

The major advantages of buying a Religare mediclaim policy are listed below-

  • A wide range of sum assured options
  • Free look period of 15 days from policy purchase date
  • Automatic restoration of the sum insured, on exhaustion of the sum insured limit
  • Hassle-free and quick claim settlement procedure
  • Cashless claim settlement in more than 4700 hospitals
  • No-claim-bonus benefit for all the claim-free years
  • Lifelong renewability of the plans

How to Calculate Religare Health Insurance Premium?

Religare health insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of your age, type of plan, members covered, pre-existing diseases (if any), deductibles, co-payment etc.

However, with Religare health insurance premium calculator, it is convenient to calculate the premium online in a matter of few seconds. The insurance calculator is quite easy and simple to use.  Once you know the premium amount you can easily pick a suitable medical insurance plan. Here’s how it works-

  • Visit the insurer’s site
  • The amount of sum insured
  • Religare mediclaim policy term
  • Enter your contact details like your email id and phone number
  • Enter the type of plan – Individual or family floater
  • Number of members to be covered
  • As you click on the calculate button, the total cost of premium will be displayed on the screen

Why should you buy Religare Health Insurance Policy?

  • Due to sedentary lifestyle and stressful work environment, health ailments are constantly on a rise. The growing cost of medical treatment makes it even more difficult for a mid-income family to deal with such medical emergencies.
  • The company offers a number of health insurance policies and there is one as per your need. With the help of Religare medical insurance plan, you can avail a number of benefits including hospitalization expenses, nursing care, surgeries, cashless payment in network hospitals, diagnostic tests, room charges etc.
  • You can get more information by reading Religare health insurance reviews posted by their customers for your satisfaction.

Documents Required for Religare Health Insurance Claims

There is an option to download the medical insurance claim forms from the insurer’s website. However, you need to submit the following documents along with the duly-filled claim form-

  • Duly filled and signed claim form (original copy)
  • Photo ID proof
  • Doctor’s prescription recommending hospitalization
  • Letter from the doctor mentioning the list of medical tests, consultations, and medications
  • Receipts and bills ( original copies)
  • Chemist bills (original copies)
  • All the medical tests and reports with receipts ( original copies)
  • Indoor case papers
  • Discharge card from the doctor/ hospital
  • Police FIR Report (if applicable)
  • Original post-mortem report ( if applicable)

For any additional documents please check with the Religare insurance company.

Religare Health Insurance FAQs

Q1. What is cashless hospitalization in Religare Health Insurance?

Under cashless hospitalization, the insurance provider pays for the hospitalization cost. And the insured person doesn’t need to pay at the time of hospitalization up to the sum assured limit. This facility is available at network hospitals only.

Q2. How many network hospitals are there in a Religare health insurance policy?

Religare Health Insurance has tie-up with more than 5420 hospitals where the insured person can avail cashless treatment facility. These are the hospitals that fall under the panel of the insurance provider, which means that the insurance company has a tie-up with them. You can avail cashless treatment in any of these panel hospitals.

Q3. What is the meaning of Religare Family Floater Plan?

It is a health insurance plan which provides coverage to the entire family including self, dependent children, spouse, and parent, less than one plan and the premium is also paid only once. You can make as many claims but this is subjected to the sum assured limit.

Q4. What do you mean by waiting period in a Religare medical insurance plan?

It is the time duration immediately after the policy purchase date. During this period you cannot claim the medical expenses incurred on certain pre-determined diseases which existed before the date of policy purchase. So, after the completion of the waiting period, which varies from one insurer to another, you can file the claim up to the sum assured limit.

Q5.  What is the benefit of buying Religare senior citizen health insurance Plan?

Religare Care Freedom plan is for senior citizens. You can give your parents the best medical treatment when they need it the most. This plan is available in a variant of Rs. 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs.  It provides dialysis expenses cover up to 24 months apart from a range of other benefits.

Q6. Is there any top-up plan available in Religare medical insurance policy?

Yes, you can buy Religare Enhance Super top-up Insurance plan in which you can get insurance from Rs. 6 lakhs to 16 lakhs. It covers 170 daycare procedures apart from the hospitalization expenses.

Q7. Can I get maternity cover in a Religare mediclaim policy?

You can buy Religare Joy plan, which provides maternity and new-born cover. There are two plan options available – Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow.  There are only 9 months of the waiting period in Joy Today maternity insurance and 34 months in Joy Tomorrow plan. It is an individual plan, which is extendable up to 6 family members. It also covers prenatal and postnatal expenses during the policy period.