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Top 5 Maternity Insurance Plans in India

top 5 maternity health insurance plans

Gone are the days, when medical expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth were easy to meet. With growing medical inflation, hospitalization expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth can cause a financial drain. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences, but the journey towards parenthood can be overwhelming.

During this special phase of your life, when you should be feeling more relaxed, any kind of financial stress can prove to be daunting. Don’t reduce the joy of becoming parents to rubble, by stressing about the hospitalization expenses.  Instead buy a maternity health insurance plan, which will prove to be handy and help you focus on your health.

How much can a normal delivery cost you?

Under a normal scenario, delivery of a child in a normal hospital can range between Rs. 60,000-2 lakhs. Increasing maternity costs make it inevitable for couples to buy a maternity insurance policy for medical and financial support.

You take so many precautions for a healthy and happy pregnancy, why take so much stress when you can get it all covered under a maternity/pregnancy insurance plan.

It is imperative that the expecting parents, especially the would-be mother should be able to rejoice these 9 months of pregnancy and welcome the beautiful change without any financial stress. Your focus during the maternity period should be your health and the health of the developing baby in your womb.

Check out 5 Best Maternity Health Insurance Plans

Here’s a quick rundown of the best health insurance plans with maternity coverage from the top health insurance companies

  1. HDFC ERGO Health Suraksha Gold Plan- The sum assured limit is from Rs. 3 lakhs to 10 lakhs. It includes newborn baby cover within 90 days of the birth. Compensation limit is Rs. 15,000 for a normal delivery and Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 15,000 for termination.
  1. Religare Joy Health Insurance Plan- Religare Joy is one of the most suitable health insurance plans for those who are planning to embrace the joy of parenthood in their life soon. After 9 months of the policy purchase, you can claim the maternity expenses – if you buy Joy Today Plan. In Joy Tomorrow Plan, you need to wait for 2 years, so if you are yet to plan a baby, then you can probably consider this one.
  2. Max Bupa Heartbeat Family First Plan- Anyone can purchase this plan up to 65 years of age. All the three plans namely – silver, gold, and platinum provide maternity benefits up to 2 deliveries along with newborn baby cover (including vaccination expenses).  Maternity benefits can range from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.
  3. Royal Sundaram Lifeline ‘Elite’ Health Insurance Plan- This is also listed among the best maternity insurance plans in India. If you and your spouse are covered under the same family floater health insurance policy then you automatically get maternity insurance benefits for 2 deliveries in your lifetime. Maternity benefits are subjected to 25% of the total sum insured.
  4. Star Wedding Gift Insurance Plan- With this health insurance policy you can get cover for prenatal and post-natal expenses along with childbirth. You do not worry about delivery expenses, both – normal and cesarean, are given a cover. Apart from prenatal and postnatal expenses, expenses on post-delivery complications faced by the mother are also compensated.

*The above list is just for an overview and has not been presented in the chronological order

Maternity Health Insurance Plans Comparison Table

Company Name Health Insurance Plan with Maternity Cover Age Criteria Sum Assured Waiting Period Renewability
HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Health Suraksha Gold Plan No age limit Rs. 3 to 10 Lacs
  • 4 years
Religare Health Insurance Joy Health Insurance Plan 18-65 years of age Rs. 3 to 5 lacs
  • 9 months under Joy Today
  • 24 months under Joy Tomorrow



Max Bupa Health Insurance Heartbeat Family First Plan up to 65 years of age Rs. 5 lakh to Rs 1 crores
  • 2 years


Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Lifeline ‘Elite’ Health Insurance Plan 18 years and above Rs. 25 lakhs to 150 lakhs
  • 36 months or 3 years
Star Health Insurance Wedding Gift Insurance Plan 18 to 40 years Rs.3 to 5 lakhs
  • 36 months (1st delivery)
  • 24 months (2nd delivery)


Up to 45 years

What’s the Right Time to Seek Maternity Cover?

In every new phase of our life, we plan so much. Then why shall we ignore this once in a lifetime experience, which actually requires you to plan much in advance?

Not only financial planning, but you also need to prepare yourself physically and emotionally as well.

As mentioned above, peace of mind plays an important role in this blissful journey, which can otherwise be ruined with financial stress.

Throwing light on to the rising medical costs, childbirth expenses are no exception! The cost of hospitalization, pre, and post-natal expenses are actually skyrocketing.

Bearing a child is a blessing; do not ruin this with your callous attitude. Why leave things on the future, when you can plan for it today.

Do not forget that all the maternity insurance plans in India have a mandatory waiting period clause, and before that, you cannot make a claim for your maternity expenses. Moreover, if you have already conceived you cannot get insurance. Probably, you can take insurance for your next pregnancy, if only you are planning a second child.

Ideally, you should buy a maternity health insurance plan before conception. Considering all the possible scenarios, it is recommended that you get pregnancy insurance cover at least 3 years before family planning. Amid all the other planning and investments, if you shed some light on this aspect, meeting the pregnancy and childbirth expenses will be a hassle-free experience for you.

What is covered in a Maternity Insurance Plan?

Broadly speaking, you will find these benefits in some of the Best Maternity Insurance Policies –

  • The expenses levied before 30 days from the delivery, childbirth or hospitalization are usually covered under the maternity insurance. Most importantly, medical expenses continuing till 2 months after the childbirth are also taken care off.

Sounds great right? Half of your concerns must have been settled with this benefit only, wait there is more to check out.

  • Moreover, couples don’t need to worry about the room charges, consultation fees, nursing expenses; and any other fees charged by the surgeon and medical practitioners. If you are lucky enough, you can get ambulance cover also.
  • Adding to the bucket are pre and post-natal expenses which are covered along with specified complication arising after the childbirth. In this way, both the mother and the child are offered protection.
  • You don’t need to fret about your newborn’s medical expenses, as the infant is covered from day 1 to 3 months from birth.

Understanding the Concept of Maternity Health Insurance in India?

  • Maternity insurance is no longer an alien term. It is quite common with couples now, but the knowledge might remain bleak. Maternity health insurance is designed to let all the couples like you, to cherish their journey of parenthood which otherwise might prove to be a costly affair.
  • So, to reiterate it further, pregnancy insurance comes usually as a rider plan with basic health insurance plans. It covers maternity expenses incurred on both normal and cesarean delivery.
  • The coverages that are provided include – pre and post hospitalization expenses, in-hospitalization expenses along with newborn baby cover and delivery expenses (both cesarean and normal birth).
  • You can check with your employer if your group health insurance policy also covers maternity expenses. However, take a note that the maternity cover provided in a corporate group insurance plan will be an additional benefit with sub-limit clause up to Rs. 50,000.
  • There is no second thought about taking a maternity insurance, as it will be required at some point in your life. Furthermore, it might prove to be one of the most beneficial decisions which you will make in your life.
  • You can buy it for your wife and if you are a working woman, then you can buy a maternity insurance for yourself. It’s not about you only, but for the protection of your child-to-be.

In a nutshell

If you are planning to have a baby in near future, it’s imperative that you analyze your financial conditions and before planning a family, safeguard the mother and child-to-be with adequate maternity health insurance coverage.

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